Insurance Plans

We realize that Dental Insurance does not always cover a high percentage of the cost involved. For that reason, WE OFFER MANY WAYS FOR YOU TO PAY FOR YOUR TREATMENT INCLUDING THE ACCEPTANCE OF ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS, THIRD PARTY HEALTH CARE 0% FINANCING BY CARE CREDIT, AND IN-OFFICE FINANCING FOR QUALIFIED PATIENTS. We want to make the treatment you need accessible and affordable to you.

We strongly feel that our patients deserve the best dental care we can provide. While we understand that utilizing your benefit to help with the cost is important, we cannot lose sight of our first priority—your dental health. We do not allow insurance companies to dictate the treatment and care you need. Patients decide with the doctor what is best and then proceed with care.

Dental insurance is meant to be AN AID to help restore your mouth to sound dental health. Please understand that dental insurance generally covers only a portion of the total treatment cost. Insurance is available to help with costs, up to some limit determined by how much premium is paid for the plan. Most insurance companies also do not update fee schedules, even with the rising cost of living. Dental insurance in the 1960s paid out an average of $1,000 of dental benefits per year per person. Today, almost half a century later, the average is still $1,000.

Insurance plans vary greatly in the types of coverage available, even within the same company. The insurance company is responsible to the patient, not to our office. We strongly suggest that you become familiar with your dental coverage. Please read your policy so that you are fully aware of any limitation of the benefits provided. Many routine and recommended dental services are many times not covered by certain insurance plans. Insurance companies may also use certain clauses to deny payments, such as, but not limit to, pre-existing conditions and alternate benefits. We will cooperate in any way we can to help you obtain the maximum benefit that you have paid for.

We are happy to work with any patient whose treatment is covered by dental insurance. We will be glad to submit the claims and take benefit assignments as a service to you. ALL PATIENTS ARE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACCOUNT AND EXPECTED TO MAKE UP FOR ANY DEFICIENCIES IN THE INSURANCE COVERAGE. It is your responsibility to pay any balance not paid by your insurance company.

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